Privacy Policy (app)

Last edited: 2021-10-19

The party responsible for the Pass Butler app (the "controller") for purposes of data protection law is:

Bastian Raschke
(for postal address and contact options, see the imprint)

The Pass Butler app does not collect personal information about users – all personal data that is processed by the app remain under the control of the user.

Sensible data (e.g. usernames, email addresses, passwords etc.) will be stored encrypted in a file (desktop platform) or in private app storage on the device (Android platform). If the user wants to synchronize his data across multiple devices, it is possible to connect to a self-hosted server, which the user must set up and provide by himself. The data is then stored encrypted on the devices and on the server of the user, so we don't have any access to the data of the user by design.

Permissions on Android platform

The following permissions are needed to use Pass Butler:

Internet access (android.permission.INTERNET)

This permission is needed if the user wants to synchronize his data with a self-hosted server. In case the user only uses Pass Butler offline, the permission is not used – however it is technically needed to declare it, because it is not a requestable runtime permission. Pass Butler explicitly does not connect to any third parties (e.g. crash or analytics services)!

Biometric sensor (android.permission.USE_BIOMETRIC)

This permission allows accessing the biometric sensors of the user's device, so it is possible to unlock Pass Butler with fingerprint, face unlock or another biometric characteristic.