Modern password manager
with unlimited password sharing
for teams and families

  • Sync your passwords seamlessly between your devices
  • Share collaborative passwords with your team, family or friends
  • State of the art security with end-to-end encryption
  • Modern and consistent design with dark mode support
  • No ads – privacy friendly and transparent
  • Available for mobile and desktop platforms


Secure technology

Pass Butler uses only well-known and secure cryptographic technology to protect your passwords to the highest standards

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Share your passwords

Share the passwords you want to share with your team, friends or family easily – no more frustrating manual password distribution

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Dark mode support

Enjoy Pass Butler in an eye friendly dark design or keep the classic light user interface – this is matter of taste and you can decide

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Biometric unlock and AutoFill

On Android, you can easily unlock Pass Butler with your face or finger and fill out login forms in apps or websites automatically

Offline usage possible

Use Pass Butler only locally on your device – there are no artificial disadvantages if you want to stay away from the cloud

No ads – more privacy

Pass Butler does not include any ads, because sensible passwords and ads that exfiltrate private data don't go well together

Private sync server

Store your sensitive passwords fully encrypted on a self-hosted server – you can avoid unknown cloud providers if you want

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Open-source software

Pass Butler is open-source – the code that secures your passwords can be checked by experts and everybody else who's interested

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Sync your passwords seamlessly between your devices

secured with state of the art end-to-end encryption

Pass Butler uses only modern and well-known cryptographic algorithms to protect your passwords to the highest standards.

The communication between Pass Butler on your device and the sync server is always transport layer encrypted. Even though this is enough protection for most apps, Pass Butler goes one step further and encrypts all sensible data even before they are handed over to the sync server. This is called End-To-End (E2E) encryption.

Without your master password, the data is not accessible by anyone! Even if the server would get compromised by a hacker, he can't access any sensible information, because the data is always fully encrypted and protected at any time!

Read more in our technical documentation if you are interested in more security details.

Share collaborative passwords with your team, family or friends

no more frustrating password distribution via Post-it notes, emails or messenger apps

With Pass Butler you keep the effort of password distribution on a low level

Stop using Post-it notes, email or dozens of messenger apps to share your collaborative accounts, because the process is time-consuming and frustrating – even more, if some passwords needs to be changed regularly.

Instead, Pass Butler offers password sharing: Grant access to selected passwords to desired people. If you change a password, it is automatically synced to all their devices, so they always have the most recent passwords.

For each password, you can choose if the desired person can only see the password or also can change it. Revoke the access to passwords at any time if you want.

Learn how to set up your sync server, which is required for password sharing.

Choose your platform

Pass Butler
for Android

  • Sync your passwords seamlessly
  • Unlimited password sharing
  • Unlimited dark mode support
  • No ads – more privacy
  • For Android 8 or newer

Pass Butler
for macOS

  • Sync your passwords seamlessly
  • Unlimited password sharing
  • Unlimited dark mode support
  • No ads – more privacy
  • For macOS 10 or newer

Pass Butler
for Ubuntu/Debian

  • Sync your passwords seamlessly
  • Unlimited password sharing
  • Unlimited dark mode support
  • No ads – more privacy
  • For Ubuntu 16 or newer

About Pass Butler

Pass Butler is developed by Bastian Raschke from Hamburg living in Munich, Germany.

Security has always been a topic that interested me, so I studied computer science with focus on “secure and mobile systems” at the University of Applied Sciences in Trier, Germany. In that time I developed a fingerprint sensor software, a hardware security USB dongle (inspired by the famous YubiKey) and a lot more technical devices.

Now in my full-time job I'm a professional Android developer working for more than 7 years (see my website), so I put my knowledge together to start building my own password manager in 2019 because the competitors lacked of features I needed:

I wanted a modern looking app with a self-hosted sync server (without external sync bridge) and unlimited password sharing backed by cryptography to avoid storing all my private passwords on my business devices (only some chosen passwords should be accessible). I also think it is unacceptable for an app that handles highly sensitive data like passwords to include ads, analytics or tracking, which many of the competitors do. So Pass Butler was developed with love and patience in nearly 3 years in my free time to provide an app that is well-engineered and offers high code quality to protect your valueable login credentials as good as possible.

Bastian Raschke portrait

Bastian Raschke

Founder and Developer

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not simply use KeePass etc.?

You are totally fine to use KeePass or other password managers if you like them. But Pass Butler offers the following advantages compared to other open-source password managers:

  • Sync with a simple server you can set up and host by yourself easily (no need to use a sync bridge)
  • Unlimited password sharing that is driven by cryptographic technology instead of only simple error-prone access checks
  • Beautiful user interface using Material design including dark mode
  • Modern and consistent app architecture built with patience in nearly 3 years

Pass Butler supports import from KeePass 2, KeePassX 2.x and KeePassXC – so you can try Pass Butler easily!

Is Pass Butler free because it's open-source?

Pass Butler is open-source software, which means you can check out or modify the source code if you want to. In addition, everybody is able to review the technology that is used internally to protect your passwords. This ensures, no undesired code is hidden in the application.

Nevertheless, because the development took a long time and was a lot of work, the Android version costs an affordable fee. But of course you are totally free to compile and use both versions without any charge, the only limitation is the dark mode support of the desktop version that requires a Premium Key.

Why is Pass Butler not available in my language?

Help translate to your language! At the moment, Pass Butler is available in:

  • English
  • German

More coming soon with your help! ❤️ Get an official listing here in the contributor's hall of fame and a Premium Key for the desktop version of Pass Butler.

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